Wednesday, 10 July 2013

The Important things in Life

A few of my friends have had some concerns for my well being. Some have been concerned for my physical security (thanks guys) and some have been concerned for my food security. Being a lacto ovo vegetarian, sometimes travelling can be very difficult. After a little time of eating foods that your system isn't accustomed to, or eating foods that are just not healthy for you, your general health can begin to suffer. 

But I'm here to report that I've been catered to very nicely thanks so much, with traditional Kenyan food. I haven't been sick, I haven't gone without, and I feel really quite well!

Here are some examples of meals that I routinely have.....

Rice and potatoes are common carbs.
Legumes and maize form the basis of most meals

Ooops sideways photo of rice and beans

This dish features finely sliced cabbage and carrots, cooked like a stew. Avo on the side. Yum
I love green peas, and fresh ones are not in short supply. You can buy them and shell them yourself, or buy them already shelled. Scrambled egg and rice on the side

Chappatis appear to be a staple and you can walk out onto the street and buy them freshly made. I am really enjoying them! You can also buy mendazi, which are Kenyan donuts, not too sweet, not too heavy.
Ok so occasionally i have been known to eat fish. This is a talapia from Lake Victoria. It's a fresh water fish, fried on the side of the road. Completely unattractive to this veggie who doesn't like her food looking at her!!!

However, when Magdalene weaves her magic with it, I must say it was probably the best fish dish I have ever had. This was at Magdalene's house, I made the ugali!

I had company for lunch one day. The gorgeous Lucky and Frank. They were so funny trying to balance their plates and entertain each other. Frank pinched all of Lucky's cabbage, and Lucky didn't mind!

What all good Aussies resort to in times of need!

Mid morning snack.... obviously not for me!! Although sometimes I eat more than I should!

Yes, sometimes I eat out. Gretchen and Peter treated me to Japanese after the elephants. This is the sushi bar, and that's what I ate! YUM. I've also had Indian which was southern Vedic style and also YUMMY!

The infamous horned African melon. It's a lime green inside and looks like a cucumber. Tastes terrible. I though it might be a fruit. There are all sorts of tropical fruits around, and i regularly have a hand of bananas that I share with the neighbourhood kids.

And here are some of the older girls.....

Enjoy and have fun and I'll post again soon.

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  1. Doesn't look like you're suffering Michelle! Hugz,